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Many of you may ask “What is Client Experience (CX)”? 

Well let me introduce you to a service which is going to differentiate your business from your competitors if you adopt this strategy internally and externally. 

CX is the sum of all the interactions that your clients have with your brand over the life of the relationship and it includes the feelings, emotions, and perceptions of those interactions along the way. Importantly, it is whether that client will stay with you and become an advocate for your business or will they go elsewhere in pursuit of that CX. A great experience lights up our eyes whereas a poor experience makes our blood boil. 

Delivering an outstanding CX is no longer an option if you want to both retain your existing clients and attract new. A great CX will drive client loyalty which is key to increasing client lifetime value and boosting your bottom line. Happy clients become your advocates and your best sales channel as they tell others about your business. Word-of-mouth marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business. Within your company, CX is everyone’s job – from the CEO/President to the most recent hire so everyone needs to clearly understand the CX vision of your business. 

  • 76% of clients expect companies to understand their need and they want their experience to be personal 
  • 64% of clients consider CX more important than price 
  • 75% or client service leaders and management executives’ grade CX as a five on a scale of one to five 
  • Only 8% of clients genuinely believe they are receiving the best Client Experience 

CX is critical to boost sales, client lifetime value and overall top line revenue and profit growth.

So hopefully we have got you thinking about CX within your organisations and perhaps how you can improve upon them. Allow us to help. We can arrange business clinics from 1 hr to 2 days in length depending upon how detailed you want to evaluate and plan your CX strategy. 

Consultancy Services 

The CX consultancy services that we provide are three-fold in nature: 

Cost: £250 – £350 per session. Maximum 8 participants. 

  • Definitions and Misconceptions of Customer Experience
  • Introducing The Benefits & Key Principles of Customer Experience
  • Introducing The CJX Framework
  • Introducing The Client Journey
  • Introducing CJX in Action
  • Introducing Your Four Stages to CJX Excellence

Bespoke program for your business where after a free initial consultation we will provide a proposed program with timelines and costings 

How will your business and team benefit from the development and execution of a flawless and out-standing CX?

  • Obtain a Deep Understanding of the Power of CX 
  • The Ability to Speak the Language of Leadership around CX 
  • The Confidence and Tools to Develop a hugely Successful CX Excellence Programme in your Company 
  • The Potential for you and your Company to Stand Head and Shoulders Above your Competitors
  • The Expertise for your team to progress their personal development and Career with Practical Knowledge that can be Transferred to your Workplace Immediately 


We would be happy to discuss any aspect of your business requirements and how we can help.

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