What is a SWOT analysis?

SWOT is an acronym for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. 

A  SWOT analysis helps you understand how you are positioned, how you stand out in the marketplace, how you can grow as a business and where you are vulnerable. This easy-to-use tool, delivered as a service, also helps you identify your company’s opportunities and any threats it faces. The process takes account of both the internal and external factors your company must navigate. 

Strengths and weaknesses are often internal to your organisation, while opportunities and threats generally relate to external factors.  

How do we conduct this online session? 

We will gather input from your team during an online zoom workshop, leveraging the LucidityTM platform. Prior to the session we ask that you think about the answers to these key questions before we conduct session: 

  • What are the market trends in the industry you participate in? 
  • What is your current market share? 
  • Who are your main competitors? 
  • How can you stand out in the market? 
  • How do clients perceive you? 
  • What pitfalls and threats are on the horizon?
  • How is your current sales and marketing performance? 
  • How is your financial performance and trends? 
  • How efficient are your systems and processes? 
  • Who are your key internal personnel, competencies and governance structure? 
  • What is your company’s culture and strategy? 
  • What is your mission, vision and values? 

With this information at hand, we will be ready to access your company’s internal strengths and weaknesses, after which we can focus on external factors that could impact the success of  your company. 


£200 for a 1 1/2 hour online training program and you can involve as many team members as you wish. The end result is a fully completed company SWOT analysis which can then be utilised to help you grow as a business through your strategic planning journey. 

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