Are you an SME in the process of scaling up? If so, it is absolutely critical to preserve your company culture as many businesses scale poorly due to:

  • Lack of purpose and clarity
  • Ineffective leadership
  • Disengaged team
  • Poor communications
  • Poor systems and processes 

Don’t let your business fall into this trap. Here are 4 Pillars to drive a great company:

1) Ensure you have a clearly defined mission/vision statement as well as clearly documented company values – a clear way to differentiate you from you closest competitors. It embodies what you want to create for your company, your employees and your clients… “The Big Why.” 

2) Ensure your leadership team embodies this vision/mission statement and company values – they must “walk the talk” and continually have conversations around the mission/ statement and values. Your values should be a mechanism used to hire, fire, recognise and reward your employees. 

3) Ensure your team is engaged and involved in the evolution of the company – insure you have the “right people in the right seat” and that they are all working collaboratively together on your journey of growth. 

4) Ensure you have highly effective internal and external communications – As George Bernard Shaw stated “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Always have courageous conversations with your employees and clients and insure you are addressing issues in their infancy before they grow in to ugly monsters. 

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