The ups and downs of recent years highlight the importance of organisations abilities to listen to clients, understand what matters most to them and continually improve their Client Experience (CX) delivery.

Look to your longer-term clients to maintain and drive revenue more effectively. Clients have remembered the brands that looked after them during Covid-19, so continuing to demonstrate care and reassurance is key.

How do clients feel?

The CX Framework is the core measurement of CX Excellence. It is based on thousands of surveys and interviews with clients of many different companies to determine what’s important to them. The CX Framework is made up of 6 emotional drivers:

  1. I Trust You
  2. You Know Me
  3. You Make it Easy
  4. You Get Me
  5. You Deliver on Your Promise
  6. You Fix Things

The emotional drivers build strong connections with clients which increases their loyalty and willingness to pay more. Ultimately this helps you to maintain business growth and protect margins.

What is CX worth to clients?

Value is about what clients get, rather than just what they pay. Actively listening to clients and continuously improving experiences will make clients feel they are getting better value.

Clients recognise their experience as an integral part of what they pay. When clients have poor experiences, they are less willing to pay more and more likely to leave. When clients have a good experience, they are willing to pay more which creates headroom to manage pricing and enable price increases much more effectively.

What is important to clients?

The impact of your client facing teams in building emotional connections with clients. Digital interactions are the predominant means of integration for the majority of sectors and is a vital element of CX but humans continue to play a key role in building client relationships. Humans are expensive but when you invest in them, they have positive impacts and give a greater CX return.

Companies who have adapted and meet changing needs and expectations are constantly creating better experiences which leads to happier clients, more engaged employees, and improved business performance.