Client Focus and Client Experience Really Matters

One of the first things we ask our new clients is, how focused are you on your own clients’ and are you driving the best possible client experience for them?

When we delve into their client journey and focus, there are always opportunities for enhancement. Client focus is how they help their clients at every interaction and NOT how it helps their business. It involves better communication, knowing and understanding their clients preferred mode of communication and always driving continuous improvement to their journey, which they embark upon.

The benefits to you and your business by doing this are:

  • Happier and loyal clients
  • Referrals from your clients as a result of advocacy
  • Growth for your business
  • Supplier of choice for your clients
  • Client Retention
  • Repeat business
  • Improved brand image
  • Enhanced staff morale, motivation and engagement
  • Reduced costs of sales due to growth from your existing clients
  • Lower recruitment and training costs as a result of employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Increased productivity

Client focus and experience is a mix of mindset, philosophy, purpose, culture and strategy. This will evolve to align your business processes with your clients’ own goals and expectations.

Many of our clients ask, how do we drive a client focused culture in our business?

  1. Ensure you understand your client – walk in your client’s shoes (gain visibility to their needs, wishes and aspirations)
  2. Always make your clients feel valued
  3. Make every interaction an opportunity to drive added value
  4. Continually build and strengthen relationships
  5. Keep everything in one place – a well-executed and managed CRM system
  6. Always encourage client feedback – good or bad. Welcome it and learn from it
  7. Always executing client interactions exceptionally well
  8. Improve communication and collaboration at all contact points with clients and suppliers
  9. Treat clients as equals – partners to your business success
  10. Constantly mapping your Client Experience Journey

Client focus is a culture. It is the responsibility of everyone in the business. Client focus is not about your business, it is about the client. The most important thing is to make sure you map your current client journey to ensure you are driving the most optimal experience today as, remember, things have changed so much in the last 2 years for all of us.  Would you like to see how your business measures up with client focus and client journey experience? Call us at 07889567682 now for a free 40-minute consultation to start the process or email us to schedule at
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