Have you ever wanted to know how to deliver great or even “simply better” Client Experience (CX)?   

Client experience is how your client feels after they’ve engaged with your company. This could be through their initial engagement where they simply want to learn more about you or, as an established client, they want to enquire about their current order status. Every engagement should drive the best possible experience for your clients, wherever they are in the journey with you. This way you always have your eye focused on enabling advocacy within your business. 

What is advocacy in your business? This is where your clients go out of their way to recommend your company to their colleagues, family, and friends. This is the most cost-effective way of client acquisition and referral and happy clients become the best possible sales voice your company can ever have. 

The most important thing to remember when trying to achieve client experience excellence and, therefore, advocacy is to keep an eye on the following 6 emotional drivers: 

1) I trust you – Building trust at every engagement you have with your client. 
2) You know me – Recognising your history with an individual client. 
3) You make it easy – Make sure it’s easy for your client to do business with you. 
4) You deliver on your promise – Setting, managing and exceeding your client expectations. 
5) You get me – Understanding what it’s like to walk in your clients’ shoes. 
6) You fix things – Fixing issues and turning poor situations into remarkable ones. 

The emotional outcome for these 6 emotional drivers is incredible. As a result of delivering on all these emotional drivers, the clients remain extremely loyal, they tend to buy more and recommend your business to colleagues, friends and family. When each of these drivers are delivered CX excellence is the result. When a company delivers CX excellence great things happen. Staff are complimented instead of being complained to which keeps them in a positive frame of mind for the next client. Most importantly the client feels validated that they have made the right decision selecting the company and now are willing to become a strong advocate. 

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