The Client Experience (CX) Framework.  

Enabling you to deliver CX Excellence within your business with the You Get Me emotional driver. 

The You Get Me emotional driver is the fourth emotional driver in the CX Framework. This driver is all about showing clients you genuinely understand what it’s like to walk in their shoes. This means that clients want companies to understand their circumstances and show them empathy. Companies need to recognise that all clients are different and how their circumstances may change over time. 

Companies that excel in the You Get Me emotional driver, emerge their staff in the real life and the emotional needs of their client. This provides staff with a deeper understanding of their clients. Recognising that everyone is different and has different personal circumstances, enables staff to be empathetic towards clients. 

The key attributes for the You Get Me emotional driver are:

  • Understanding what it’s like to walk in your clients’ shoes. 
  • Being aware of how a client is feeling. 
  • Responding in the right way to the clients’ circumstances. 
  • Caring enough to go the extra mile for the client. 

The behaviours and skills for the You Get Me emotional driver are:

  • Take the time to actively listen to the client, let them talk and demonstrate that you are listening to everything they are saying. 
  • Understand and acknowledge the emotions a client is experiencing e.g., relaxed, stressed, frustrated, happy, sad or confused. 
  • Choose the right emotional response to a situation. This may be sympathy, reassurance, urgency etc. 
  • Imagine it is a family member that you are dealing with, how they would feel and how you would meet them. 
  • Show personal interest in the client, be friendly and show clients they are valued.
  • Encourage relevant conversation with clients that establishes an emotional bond.
  • Demonstrate to the client that you are going to own their issue. Clients want to know that someone in the company is taking personal responsibility for helping them.
  • Show you care by giving a client ‘special attention’, going out of your way to help them or giving them something extra they may not expect.
  • Make sure you are using empathetic language and tone of voice in all your client interactions. 

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