The Client Experience (CX) Framework.  

Enabling you to deliver CX Excellence within your business with the You Know Me emotional driver.

The You Know Me emotional driver is the second emotional driver in the CX Framework. This driver is all about treating clients as individuals, like human beings. The more you know about your clients, the better client experience you can provide. This driver has the most impact of all the drivers for client advocacy and loyalty.

The key attributes for the You Know Me emotional driver are:

  • Recognising clients and greeting them appropriately.
  • Remembering clients and acknowledging their history with your company.
  • Knowing who your clients are.
  • Understanding what their needs are.

The behaviours and skills for the You Know Me emotional driver are:

  • Give every client a warm welcome and use their name.
  • Be present while you are engaging with clients, give them all your attention.
  • Actively listen to what they’re saying and what they want.
  • Make clients feel special and important, that they are the only client your company has.
  • Show clients that you are willing to engage and help them wherever you can.
  • Use technology to remember clients and their preferences, creating a unique experience.
  • Don’t ask or re-ask them questions you already have the answer to.
  • Give the client what is best for them, based on their needs, not what the company most wants to sell them.
  • Use the deep understanding you have of your clients’ needs to recommend relevant, specific products and services.
  • Give the client choice in how they deal with you.
  • Make each interaction personal to each client.
  • Use each interaction as an opportunity to get to know the client better.

This driver has the most impact because it shows clients that you understand them, you know who they are and what they want. This makes them feel important and valued.

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