Have you ever wanted to know how to deliver great Client Experience (CX)?

CX is how clients feel about all the interactions that they have with your organisation. This could be through their initial engagement where they simply want to learn more about you or, as an established client, they want to enquire about their current order status. Every engagement should drive the best possible experience for your clients, wherever they are in the journey with you. This way you always have your eye focused on enabling advocacy within your business.

So, you may be asking, why is CX important?

  • CX is an essential skill needed throughout your company
  • It delivers ROI and increased shareholder value
  • Everyone in your organisation has a role to play when delivering CX
  • CX is a game-changer and competitive differentiator
  • CX is simple to understand, but it’s difficult to deliver consistently
  • Technology automation is fantastic but the human touch is great too
  • Operating costs are reduced
  • It makes your job easier
  • It’s good for business
  • Clients will stay longer, buy more and recommend you – the beauty of advocacy

You may also want to know about ‘The CX Framework’ which is made up of six emotional drivers that enable companies to build emotional bonds with clients. These bonds create deeper relationships between the client and the company to deliver CX excellence. This ultimately leads to an outcome of client advocacy and business growth.

The six emotional drivers are:

  1. I Trust you – Build trust in everything you do
  2. You Know Me – Treat clients like individuals and understand their needs
  3. You Make it Easy – Make it easy for your clients to do business with you
  4. You Get Me – Genuinely understand what it’s like to be in your clients’ shoes
  5. You Deliver on Your Promise – Manage, meet and exceed expectations
  6. You Fix Things – When things go wrong you fix them brilliantly

Now that you have the basics of Client Experience, why not expand your knowledge and ensure you have a highly successful CX strategy within your company? Schedule a free 40-minute consultation with us at https://lnkd.in/ee_CmGmw or call us on 07889 567682
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