CJX Business Services

Launched in July 2020 with the goal of helping SMEs across the UK get back on their feet following the pandemic, CJX Business Services is an agile business consultancy, offering tailored, client-centric support for businesses.

As part of our services, we provide start-ups and emerging SME businesses an investment-neutral route to commercial advice and help them build their business plans to secure future growth.

Often this entails leveraging our knowledge, resources, and experience to signpost companies to sources of loans and grants – helping them to access funding that accelerates the planning and actualisation process and release funds which further them in their objectives.

We will advise them on how to create a Client Journey Experience (CJX) that retains and grows their client-base and help them to develop go-to market strategies which enable differentiation and recurring revenue streams.

At CJX Business Services, we take a collaborative and energetic approach, and are backed by 25+ years of Global Fortune 1,000 experience; with access to a network of business advisors across diverse skill sets including financial review and guidance, M&A and operational effectiveness.

For further information on how CJX Business Services can help your business to achieve optimal performance potential, Contact us at info@cjxbusinessservices.co.uk

Joanne Boyd