Lancashire Skills Pledge

CJX Business Services was delighted to be recognised by Lancashire Skills Pledge and invited to a celebration event where nearly 140 employers have been thanked for investing in the skills of people living and working in Lancashire.

CJX Business Services and many other employers were recognised at the event for officially signing up to the Lancashire Skills Pledge, an initiative run by Lancashire Enterprise Partnership’s Skills and Employment Hub, that offers seven skills and training initiatives to local organisations.

Chairman of Lancashire Enterprise Partnership, Debbie Francis said: “It is vital now more than ever that we focus on equipping our current and future workforces with the skills they need to succeed and help transform the county’s economy. I want to celebrate and thank all the Skills Pledge members for the important work they are doing to support the county’s workforce. The Skills Pledge has great potential to promote economic growth and job creation, and it is fantastic to see how much it has grown.”

It was such an honour to be recognised and invited to this event. It was an amazing opportunity and I really enjoyed being able to network with other SMEs in Lancashire. Thank you once again to Lancashire Skills Pledge for the recognition.
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